Adopt our pups and know you’re making a real difference to neglected dogs around the globe



Animated puppy
Always wanted a puppy without the peeing, pooing or chewing?
Here’s your chance. And it’ll look awesome in your NFT collection

Charity focused
No risk, appreciate that your money is not wasted, no matter what

Thoughtfully designed project from a dedicated team
Feel listened to because our hearts are in the right place

Access to our community
Want to be part of the greater good?
Feel obliged to help dogs?
Wish there were similar people?
It’s all here

Original hand illustrated artwork
You own a unique NFT that took weeks to design & refine

Backed by industry experts
 We can, and will, follow our roadmap so you can enjoy long-term peace of mind

Physical bonuses
As a holder, you might be eligible for some real world items

Brat House NFTs
Council Members for each chapter

The Brat House - NFT ART STORY

Across the globe 9,990 Brats have been scattered…

They came from the future Metaverse but have been lost on earth. Over the years they have developed personalities to match the environments they were tossed to. Your mission is to help bring your Brat back home to The Brat House where they can once again socialise, earn money and have fun.

In the future humans will live a new existence. The real world will be substituted for the digital where people’s minds are separate from their physical bodies. To get a head start on this history-in-the-making, the market is shifting towards digital assets. NFTs are those assets, and people want to be a part of the future – A community of Brat brothers will be there for the revolution by becoming the best user reward system in the NFT space.

Each Brat was created uniquely to reflect the different personalities you may meet in the real world and online. Your Brat will become your avatar and the key card to our exclusive online fraternity where you can join parties, earn rewards and make brothers.


The 11 legendary council Brats are 1/1 NFTs in each release. They are extremely rare & hide unique features & benefits. Anyone has a chance to randomly mint a legendary Brat.

The Brat House ECO SYSTEM

Framework of The Brat House NFT Project


The App & Website




Secondary Market




The Brat House home


The Brat House app

iOS and Android (Available in Phase 3)


We want to give our Brat brothers a chance to be a part of the best reward system in the NFT space and join us as we create a fraternity in the Metaverse.

Our Values

Community Focused
We reconise the importance of community members to the success of the project and we will work in consultation with them to ensure that all aspects of the project meets their needs.

NFT Owners Value
We will manage and develop our project to optimize the returns of every NFT Owner.

Honesty & Integrity
In everything we do,
we act with honesty and integrity.

Leadership & Innovation
We encourage innovation and initiatives.

We value the input and participation
of all creator team members and NFT owners.


  • Stage 1

    5,000 abandoned pups need homes

    Applications for pupslist (presale) open – Engage in our community or win giveaways

    A community of heroes forms to help rescue the abandoned pups

    Collaborations with charities & similar projects

  • Stage 2

    Presale and public mint (puplist)

    Portion of proceeds go toward dog charities

    Custom merch and adoption e-certificate

  • Stage 3

    Owners still participating in community are rewarded

    Continued collaborations to keep expanding our holder benefits and charity

    Secret airdrop

  • Stage 4

    Develop a platform that assists dog rescues, charity & adoption

    Metaverse puppy pet

  • Stage 5

    Second drop with new artwork

    Support for new charities


  • The pups can’t go to the wrong home – we’re watching for good owners
  • Engage in our community or win giveaways
  • We are constantly finding and rewarding people on Twitter who are early, engaged, helpful and creative.

Yes. Full commercial rights – It’s your NFT so you have the right to use it how you like, get creative!

the Team

Upcoming talent, seasoned professionals, and a company with all the resources needed.

"The Artist & Visionary"
"Security Officer"
Maximillian III (Max)

Keeps Everyone Active
"Marketing & Social"
"Admin & Quality Control"

Investor & Advisor
"Technology & Strategy"

Investor & Mentor